Western Brass Statue Buddha Carving Head Of Buddhism Ornaments

Western Brass Statue Buddha Carving Head Of Buddhism Ornaments
Product Details

Western Brass Statue Buddha Carving Head of Buddhism Ornaments 


Product Details:

The Buddle Head Statue is very sacred in the country, which shows the country’s religious faith. There are kinds of Buddha in temples, which many people will go there for health, career and other prays. They can be decorated at home, temple, holiday or garden area. In addition, the brass material can be kept for thousands of years. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this product.


Item No.      : BH-29

Material      : Brass

Product Origin : Xiamen, Fujian, China

Size         : Customized   

MOQ        : 1

Produced Way : Carved and Casted

Usage        : Outdoor Decoration

Color        : Can be varnished as you want

The statue can be customized in any size and shape you need.


Detailed Information

1. The size can be based on your requirements or demands, your own diagram or the pictures.

2. If you really love our materials, but worry about that is not reach the MOQ, you can contact me also, and you only pay the couriered out fees only.

3. Do the best for customer is our first and crucial step to satisfy the clients well and establish the good relationship with them.

4. Any comments or questions, feel free to contact us, thank you very much!


Terms of Payment

We can accept transfer methods as below: T/T, Western Union.



1. Packing in 3-5CM standard wooden/Plywood crates outside, and packed with plastic foam inside.

2. To keep the products in safety, the packages will with strong and secure crate outside and reinforced steel inside.


Delivery time:

The shipment can be scheduled by sea or other ways you want.


Contact us

Contact us if you want to know further details of our products. It is our honor if we have a chance to serve you. If you have any questions or want to know more details, we will be pleasure to provide for you. Looking forward to your inquiry!!!

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Buddha Head

Carving Head of Buddhism

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As one of the leading manufacturers of various sculptures in China, Piedra World Limited brings you high quality western brass statue buddha carving head of buddhism ornaments. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy. We can also offer you customized service and fast delivery.

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