High quality of our stainless steel sculptures , High comments from our regular clients!


This is an amazing and mirror Mushroom Stainless Steel Sculpture that is installed in Minnesota, USA. Our client said they were pretty shocked by this amazing design and quality. And the mushroom polished sculpture has obtained high comments from our clients. This sculpture is very welcome by many local people and travelers which has been broadcasted in local TV.  There are some site installed picture from our clients.


The Minnesota Installed picture that is taken from our client. 

stainless steel sculpture.jpg


metal sculpture.jpg

The Attracting and Wonderful Scenery in Cloudy Day

The attracting and beautiful scenery reflection that is on steel mushroom surface in cloudy day! The mushroom sculpture has an impressive and amazing mirror reflection. You can see many clouds are reflected in the surface of the mushroom sculpture. It is like a good painting that is full of pure white feature that is in your deep mind.

golf decoration sculpture.jpgYou can imagine how cosey the cloud is on the mirror sculpture surface. Sometimes the clouds look very shy on the sky that the face expression is reflected on mushroom polished surface! You must imagine the picture that showed in your eyes now!

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The Spectacular and Miraculous Scenery in Foggy and Snowing Day

amazing sculpture.jpg

There is a spectacular and miraculous scenery in foggy and snowing day. The metal mushroom sculpture is liking to cover white coat that is stand in the snow ground. You may think of the “Frozen” movie that is extremely welcome at home and abroad. There are some commons at beautiful scenery in some degree that you can feel the magical power of nature. Would you like to have one this amazing sculpture as your garden decoration? I guess yes. Because you will threw yourself into this grand and wonderful place that is really leave deep impression in your mind.


The Warmly Welcome in Minnesota,USA

impressive sculpture.jpg

Many students like this high-gloss and good design stainless steel sculpture so much,which they are really happy when they are hanging around here. And our clients have told us that it is really popular in local area,which has attracted many people for sightseeing here.

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