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Fiberglass Art Projects sculptures are modern and welcome at home and abroad , which has becoming modern trends of decorating city, square, shopping mall, gallery, museum, amusement park and so on. Custom Fiberglass Statues are popular by clients, which can show their ideas and meet their tastes.Fiberglass sculptures can be made from several moulds measures. 


Fiberglass reinforced plastic sculpture is one of finished sculpture types. Fiberglass sculpture is light, corrosion-resistant, relatively low cost characteristics. Fiberglass sculpture is also known as FRP, which learn to say fiber reinforced plastic and domestic in the custom called FRP. It is a composite material composed of synthetic resin as matrix that glass fiber and its products is as reinforcement materials. Fiberglass sculptures can be made from several moulds measures. And it can be made into figure sculpture,cartoon sculptures, Buddha Statue, Animal Sculptures,Wall Relief sculpture and so on.


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Gypsum mould for folding Fiberglass sculpture

Gypsum mold is characterized by heat, low price, low thermal conductivity and good copy. Typically used to make a master mold,it is easy to manufacture and suitable for large products. But it is not durable, afraid of impact, dry slow. So it is more for a single product and linear complex products, such as relief, small and medium-sized size sculpture. The used gypsum is plaster gypsum. As with the cement mold, it can be used bricks, wood to do the Skeleton Foundation, and then covered with plaster layer modelling. In order to improve stiffness and prevent cracks, sufficient fillers can be added to the plaster, such as adding quartz, which can reduce shrinkage and crack and add strength to cement.


Folding Fiberglass Sculpture Rubber mould

Rubber mold generally is with silicone rubber, polyurethane resin production,which is for the production of complex sculpture relief, sculpture and all kinds of modelling. It is not used alone, which must be with the plaster mold and other materials. Usually it  is used in the mold by line into or overlap and can not be directly demoulding of a part. Because it has a certain soft, when the external mold demoulding,and it can be free to pull out, such as lions, dragons and other animals or Buddha, cartoon characters. When the bulk is small,you can use this method.


Folding Glass steel sculpture paraffin film

Paraffin film is used in a few or linear complex and not easy to demoulding products. For example, to create an integral elbow, including a 90° elbow, it can be used two elbow as the Master mold. In the internal 90° cavity filled with paraffin wax, after taking off the mold, it will be a little bit of paraffin wax mold, and then the outer wall coated with fiberglass, curing heating, so that paraffin melting outflow, you can get a whole fiberglass products.


Folded Concrete mold

The concrete mold is used for the linear rule and the product is with less repetition, such as helical, waveform, round, arched or solid groove products. Low cost, good rigidity can be built into a brick foundation, and then is covered with cement mortar, grinding, putty, and then after grinding, polishing, painting and other measures. This kind of cement mold can be directly used in the production of FRP products, but also can be used to turn the mold of glass steel. Cement mold drying slow, even under normal conditions, it takes more than a week to paint and other surface construction.



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