Cute Varnished Fiberglass Pokonyan Marvel Statues as Holiday Decoration

Cute Varnished Fiberglass Pokonyan Marvel Statues as Holiday Decoration
Product Details

Cute Varnished Fiberglass Pokonyan Marvel Statues as Holiday Decoration 

Designed with the Pokonyan shape, it has the direct eye-catching to the children. This is the most famous cat cartoon in Japan, which is very salable in China. The sculpture is so cute and impressive, which can be decorated at holiday, park, lawn ornaments and so on. Besides, this Statuary Pokonyan is painted with blue color, which makes the statue more beautiful and realistic. Just choose it as your best decoration! Do Purchase it at once if you really want!!!

Product Details 

Item No. : PF-9

Material : Fiberglass

Product Origin: Xiamen, China

Size : Custom   

MOQ : 1pc

Produced Way: Handcraft

Colors : Custom as you wants


The projects we have made:

Factory Outlet             

Our factory direct sales could not only provide the reasonable prices, 

but also guarantee the quality and schedule of the goods delivery.

Introduce the business range:

We mainly supply high quality metal, stainless steel, bronze, fiberglass and resin for outdoor and indoor decoration. The sculptures can be decorated at outside, such as holiday, park, seaside, residence, villas and so on. They also can be ornamented at inside, for example, home, gallery, museum, and temples. In addition, we can customize products as you want. We will try our best to be satisfied with you. If you have any inquiry, please contact us at once.

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Contact us if you want to know further details of our products. It is our honor if we have a chance to serve you. If you have any questions or want to know more details, will be pleasure to provide for you. Looking forward to your inquiry! Please follow these ways as below: 

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1Q: What kind of products can you provide?

A: We have more than 10 years' product experience; we can make kinds of products such as figure, animal, Ganesh, abstract sculpture. If you are interested in any products, our professional team will waiting for you here to service you well.

2Q:Retail order can be acceptable?How about the minimum order quality?

A: Yes, retail order can be accepted, but the minimum order numbers are 100pcs/small states (about50-100mm height)

As one of the leading manufacturers of various sculptures in China, Piedra World Limited brings you high quality cute varnished fiberglass pokonyan marvel statues as holiday decoration. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy. We can also offer you customized service and fast delivery.


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