Abstract Fine Art Sculpture For Indoor Decor

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Abstract Fine Art Sculpture For Indoor Decor


Do you know what is Abstract Fine Art Sculpture? Actually we need to know the definition of abstract sculpture, so now let’s explore the meaning of abstract sculpture art. The abstract art sculpture is over the true life, you can express your ideas or ways based the sculpture making. The modern abstract sculpture has not the exact shape and you can just follow your mind or creative ideas to make it. Attached picture is a modern abstract metal sculpture, which is made of stainless steel material and seems like a figure holding a ball. Any shape you can image that is the abstract stainless steel sculpture’s features. You like this abstract sculpture and this is a fine and unique art sculpture in your eyes.


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Abstract Art Ornaments Sculpture With Special Design








By our team


Abstract sculpture

Regional Feature



Top domestic sculptor master works


316L stainless steel

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Contemporary Abstract Art Sculpture

Local Port

Xiamen Port China


Wooden case and plastic or foam


Direct sculpture factory




We can offer installed drawing for our clients


About Full Handmade And Customized Service

All the sculptures are hand made. There are some steel structures inside it. The sculpture will be firmly welded together with the embedded iron in the base. We can not only provide the good decorated functions but also focus the quality of modern sculpture making. At the same time As the direct sculpture factory in Xiamen, Fujian, China, which has more than 13 years experience in this sculptures and statues fabrication. We can make the metal production according to your design and we can also produce the sculpture in any size as you liked.


About The Sample Design

Our artists team will make the 3D design, clay model or foam model,  according to actual situation. And the model design is about 12-14days, after confirming the model we will start to make the samples. Before place an order sample making is available, but the client need to pay the sample charge.



Would you like to suggest updates through seller support? We will improve our service to meet your requirement and any feedback will be appreciated, thanks!


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