Fiberglass Baron Statue Interior Decoration

Fiberglass Baron Statue Interior Decoration
Product Details

Fiberglass Baron Statue Interior Decoration

Concise Introduction:

This fiberglass baron Statue is a good that is provided by our Norway client. It can be put as indoor decorations as lobby ornaments, which is made into Baron shape. The sculpture is made of fiberglass that can be last about seven years or more if it is not be damaged by people. Are you impressive by this creative statue? It also can be decorated at garden or villas area that shows the unique scenery there. Do not hesitate to contact us soon


Product Details

Item No.      :MSP21

Material      : Fiberglass 

Product Origin: Xiamen, South of China

Size         : Customized   

MOQ        : 1piece or more

Produced Way: Handicraft

We can customize the sculpture in any size and shape you need.

Norway installed picture.JPG

Norway installation sculpture.JPG

Baron statues.jpg

Baron Sculpture.jpg


muscle statue.jpg

fiberglass sculpture.jpg

amazing statue.jpg


fiberglass mold.jpg

statue mold .jpg


Detailed Information

1. The size can be based on your requirements or demands, your own diagram or the pictures.

2. If you really love our materials, but worry about that is not reach the MOQ, you can contact me also, and you only pay the couriered out fees only.

3. Do the best for customer is our first and crucial step to satisfy the clients well and establish the good relationship with them.

4. Any comments or questions, feel free to contact us, thank you very much!


Terms of Payment

1. The payment methods:  T/T, Western Union

2. The payment was asked for 30%-50% as deposit or advance payment; the balance should be paid after buyer inspection before shipment.



1) House/ Garden/Hotel Decoration  

2) Outdoor & Indoor Ornaments

3) Great for residence, park, school, shopping mall, church and other places.


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