Piano Fiberglass Sculptures Club Ornaments

Piano Fiberglass Sculptures Club Ornaments
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Piano Fiberglass Sculptures Club Ornaments


Piano Fiberglass sculpture is ideal and creative Sculpture that is made by professional sculptors. This piano sculpture is good for club or gallery decoration. It will be a good choice to have one piano costume sculpture as book shelf. It is handmade sculpture that needs to be produced about 20-25days. Waiting here for your any sculpture inquiry or order.

Items No.:OA11

Materials: Fiberglass resin material

Shape:Piano design

Usage: Amusement Park, Theme park, Business activities, club ornament, gallery display

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Piano Sculptures.jpg

Fiberglass Sculptures.jpg


Company Information

Our company was established in 2006,and we have professional design team,experienced workers and art consultant,which we can produce various of sculptures and export around the world. If you have any good ideas, you can contact us and let our sculptors team to help you. Our sculptures always meet clients requirement and all are produced with art quality.

Provide plan design, facts design, advertisement design, etc.

Come here and just customize one or two sculptures as yard decoration or balcony ornaments!


Pls contact us soon if you are really interested in our sculptures.


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