Large School Decoration Idea and Amazing Fiberglass Figure Sculpture

Large School Decoration Idea and Amazing Fiberglass Figure Sculpture
Product Details

Large School Decoration Idea and Amazing Fiberglass Figure Sculpture  

Product Introduction:

Being set up school as decoration, it is a masterpiece of designers. The fiberglass statues are designed with student’s shape, which is the good and impressive ideal from the artists. Have you been absorbed by these amazing relief statues? The students will be inspired by this exercising spirits. We are sure that you will be moved by this designed sculpture!! Please contact us soon!

Product Details 

Item No. : FR-1

Material : Fiberglass

Product Origin: Xiamen, China

Size : Custom   

MOQ : 1

Produced Way: Handicraft

Colors : Custom

The project we have made

Our services:

1. Fast and timely: All inquiries question to be replied within 24 hours. If you inquiry to us by email, we will reply at 2 hours. If by telephone, we will reply once confirmed soon.

2. Professional design: The details drawing can be made according to your sketch. And it can be emailed to your confirmation soon.

3. Good team: Full Experienced managers and best hard working workers in sculpture making. Art is so wide and good; we will try our best to meet requirements that sculptures all the friends interested in.

Terms of Payment

We can accept transfer methods as below: T/T, Western Union.


Delivery Details: By Sea Shipment or other transport ways

Sculpture Description:

1. Name: fiberglass sculpture

2. Material: Full fiberglass material

3. Manufacturing method: full hand-made

4. Usage: This kind of fiberglass animal sculpture is suitable for any entertainment places for decoration usage.

Contact us

Contact us if you want to know further details of our products. It is our honor if we have a chance to serve you. If you have any questions or want to know more details, will be pleasure to provide for you. Looking forward to your inquiry!

As one of the leading manufacturers of various sculptures in China, Piedra World Limited brings you high quality large school decoration idea and amazing fiberglass figure sculpture. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy. We can also offer you customized service and fast delivery.


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