Home Interior Ideas Place Distribution Strategy Cute Ants Statues

Home Interior Ideas Place Distribution Strategy Cute Ants Statues
Product Details

As one of the leading manufacturers of various sculptures in China, Piedra World Limited brings you high quality home interior ideas place distribution strategy cute ants statues. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy. We can also offer you customized service and fast delivery.

Home Interior Ideas Place Distribution Strategy Cute Ants Statues


The Animal Sculpture is so famous and popular at Europe, which all the sculptures are with life-size and modern shapes. This cute ants Statue is a great choice as your first consideration if you are really wanted it. This kind of resin sculpture is good for front yard decoration usage. Go ahead without any hesitation if you want to know more details.


Product Details

Item No.      :RS23

Material      : Resin

Product Origin: Xiamen, China

Size         : Customized   

MOQ        : 1

Produced Way: Purely Handicraft

We can customize the sculpture in any size and shape you need.

Cute Ants Statues


The Materials that we produce:

1. Metal Sculptures

2. Fiberglass Sculptures

3. Bronze/Copper/Brass Statue

4. Resin Sculptures

5. Abstract /Figure/Animal /Cartoon Shape Statues

6. Stone Fountain, Stone Fireplace, Stone Figure


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Contact us if you want to know further details of our products. It is our honor if we have a chance to serve you. If you have any questions or want to know more details, will be pleasure to provide for you. Looking forward to your inquiry!!!

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1. How to do if I can’t order up to your minimum?

If you want to have a trial order that can’t reach our MOQ, which is fine and the chance to test us if you place one. But the developing fees must be charged by you. When you have received the product and satisfied with our sculpture, then want to place more orders, we will make discount according to your actual quantities.


2. Can you fabricate our own design? How about the sample fees and sample couriered out time?

Sure. The OEM and ODM items can be made as long as you can tell us your idea or photos. Sample time is about 20 days. Sample fee is charged according to the express couriered out situation.