Indoor Abstract Sculptures Modern Metal Sculpture Varnished Arts Work

Indoor Abstract Sculptures Modern Metal Sculpture Varnished Arts Work
Product Details

As one of the leading manufacturers of various sculptures in China, Piedra World Limited brings you high quality indoor abstract sculptures modern metal sculpture varnished arts work. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy. We can also offer you customized service and fast delivery.

Indoor Abstract Sculptures Modern Metal Sculpture Varnished  Arts Work


Brief Information:

Would you be shocked to this hand carved and amazing sculpture? Designed by abstract shape structure and painted with golden color, it can be decorated at hotel or pub area. This sculpture was designed with Abstract Style to show rich imagination. This sculpture style has more and more adapted to the modern trends, which display the many sculptors creating ideals and design. Please do not be with any hesitation to have it. Your contentment is our best pursuit!!


Product Details 

Item No.      : SA-56

Material      : Stainless Steel

Product Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China

Size         : Custom meeting your drawing

MOQ        : 100pcs /50-100 cm height small statues

Produced Way: Finished and Varnished with steel plate

Theme       : Hotel Decoration or Pub Ornaments

Style        : Abstract design


Varnished Abstract Sculptures

Company information:

PIEDRA WORLD LIMITED is devoted to the design and fabricates the clients ideals. We not only have our factory, but also have Trade Company. So we have the professional team on statues design and production, which can be according to your diagram to make into specific and impressive sculptures. If you place your order at once, we will provide initial clay model first, then large fiberglass model, final with whole sculptures. In addition, we will arrange the shipment once you confirmed, and update details at every period time.


The Materials that we produce:

1. Metal Sculptures

2. Fiberglass Sculptures

3. Bronze/Copper/Brass Statue

4. Resin Sculptures

5. Abstract /Figure/Animal /Cartoon Shape Statues


The Strengths as below:
1. The statue is made of stainless steel with about 2.2 mm thickness and

we can make it with any size.

2. The surface of it is polished, we can make is as what kind of colors as you love.

3. After you placed the order, we will trace and send the photos of products to you to confirm the progress. So you can take an understanding of technology production progress.


Terms of Payment

The payment was asked by T/T or Western Union, and 50% deposit was required before production, final T/T balance before shipment.


Packages and Delivery:

We are firmly wooden crate outside and plastic foam inside.

Delivery Details: By sea  

Production Time: Produced at once after deposit paid.


The advantages that you choose us:

1. Great Quality

2. Professional and Experienced Designers

3. Full experiences and professional factories

4. Free professional drawings according to your diagram

5. Booklets and Processing Steps sculpture photos

6. Site installation instruction

7. Great After -Sales Services


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Contact us

Contact us if you want to know further details of our products. It is our honor if we have a chance to serve you. If you have any questions or want to know more details, will be pleasure to provide for you. Looking forward to your inquiry!!!

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1. About MOQ:

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: 1 pcs /Project, 100 pcs /50-80cm height small sculptures


2. About the stock:

Q: What are your goods in stock?

 A: There is no stock in our warehouse, because we always customize as the clients requirement. And the new and timely making can keep the sculpture very well, not only for shape, but also for the delivery.


3. About the quality:

Q: What about your sculpture quality?

A: The sculpture will be made according to customers requirements. After finishing, it will be carefully inspected by our inspector, so the quality is guaranteed.


4. About the shape:

Q: Can you make client’s design and special dimensions?

A: Yes, we can. The size can be customized to meet your drawings and requirements. Do believe our professional team, and the good sculpture will be satisfied by yours.


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