Stainless Steel Sculpture Egg Garden Decoration

Stainless Steel Sculpture Egg Garden Decoration
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Stainless Steel Sculpture Egg Garden Decoration


This is outdoor Egg Stainless Steel Sculpture is called creative and pursued life. This is an amazing design made according to client’s small clay model. So as you can see this Modern Garden Stainless Steel Sculpture is egg shaped with mirror polished surface finish, which is extremely shiny and glossy in the sun and can reflect surrounding landscape such as tree. Our client said that it can focus on one point to fire the paper in the hot sunshine. This is an amazing and impressive sculpture that is full of great design. That way, place this Stainless Steel Egg in the garden can create enlarge visual and clear effect. Charming and eye-catching Stainless Steel Egg Sculpture, dont miss it. You will be shocked by its amazing shape.

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Items Number:SS08

Material: Stainless Steel Sculpture

Usage: Garden Decoration


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